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About Me

My name is Deborah and I am a self-taught home baker and cake designer based in Bassaleg, Newport, Wales.

In 2021 I have decided to turn my passion for making cakes in to a small business run from home, alongside my other jobs in Fitness and Fashion.

I find baking and decorating cakes and cupcakes highly satisfying.


Looking at how a few ingredients can become the most exquisite and pretty looking edible thing.

Enjoying this process made of contrasts, from measuring ingredients meticulously, to mixing with science and temperature checking for perfection, and then letting my creativity do its thing, magically assembling colours, shapes and textures for a jaw dropping and mouth watering effect.


This passion surely must be coming from the attention for details learned during my Fashion Design studying and the taste for delicious food coming from my Italian background (born and raised in Milan)

The priceless expression of joy on the faces of my clients is what motivates me to bake and decorate better each time.

Hello and welcome to
Pretty Made Cakes

Afternoon Tea At Fortnum & Mason

I do love a good afternoon tea, can you tell?

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