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A shell made of the finest dark Belgian chocolate, filled with organic hot chocolate powder and mini marshmallows.

Simply place your Hot Chocolate Bomb in your favourite mug, pour over hot milk and enjoy the magic as the chocolate melts! 

Give it a good stir and make sure you sit back and relax while sipping your hot drink.

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Our Flavours

Every Chocolate Bomb is filled with our own hot chocolate powder mix made using Organic cocoa and mini marshmallows.

You have the choice of three different Chocolate shells:

Dark Chocolate

Milk Chocolate

White Chocolate

Keep it simple or add one of the following flavours to "spice" it up:


Hot Chilli


Pumpkin Pie Spice


Decorations can differ from the photos as every sphere is 100% handmade.

If you have a particular request for sprinkles and colour of the chocolate drizzle, please let us know in the notes when you send us an enquiry for order.


1x Hot Chocolate Bomb £4 

Box of 4 £14

Box of 6 £20

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